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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's been a WHILE!!!! :-/

Hello friends!  I apologize that it's been so long since I have blogged... almost 3 weeks!  My goal was to blog at least once a week and, so far, I am failing miserably :-(  I promise I will try to do better!!!

Lots of things have happened since I last blogged on June 27... just to name a few...
* Rosie turned 5 months old!
* 1st 4th of July for Rosie!
* Visited the sitter for 2 days!
* Rosie's 1st diaper rash! :(((
* Mommy's Birthday!  1st "official" birthday with my baby girl :)

I will TRY to be brief, but that's a LOT to cover in one blog post!  This one might be kind of long... here goes!!!!

1) Rosie is 5 months old!  See LOTS of pics below...  Some fun facts about Rosie at 5 months:
     * Weight: 17 lbs 10 oz... BIG GIRL!!! :)
     * Has 2 bottom teeth coming in... can feel and see white little nubs!  (07-16-2011)
     * Smiles ALL the time!
     * Starting to "reach" for Mommy... love it!
     * Talking/Gurgling up a storm ;-)
     * Almost sitting up... bet she will be in a few weeks!
     * Napping WITHOUT a swaddle!!!  Has been interesting at times... ;-)
She's getting SO big and her personality is emerging more everyday... I love her more all the time... if that is even possible!  Here are few of my faves from her 5 month photo shoot...

5 Month Photo Shoot! Taken 2 days late on 4th of July ;-)   Look at that little leg kicked out! :P

Smiley Rosie!

Posing in my pretty dress!

2) Rosie's 1st 4th of July!  Nick, Rosie, and I went over to Mimi & Pappy's (my parents) for a cookout.  Fun was had by all!  Ollie wasn't able to attend the cookout (poor boy!), but looked very handsome in his patriotic bandana... see below :)  I personally was NOT very excited about all of the LOUD firework activity this year, especially since Rosie goes to be at 8:00!  Grrrr!!!  All in all, it was a great 4th!

Precious Ollie Boy <3

3) Rosie Visits the Sitter - Rosie has spent 2 whole days with her babysitter, Kathy.  She has done wonderful so far and I couldn't be more pleased with how she has adjusted to her.  She loves playing there like a "big girl" and even naps well there, which I was worried about, since she is in a "different" place.  She will start going to Kathy's full-time in August.  Even though I LOVE her being at Mimi's, I have a good feeling about her being at Kathy's, too.  I'm sure I'll post more when she starts going full-time... stay tuned!

4)  Rosie's 1st Diaper Rash - This was not too fun for any of us, although Rosie didn't act like it bothered her at all!  We went through TONS of diapers and ointments and even let her bottom air out nakey one evening (see pic below!)... glad all of that is over and crossing my fingers that she doesn't get any more of those for a LONG time!

Airing her tooshie out during nakey time!!! ;-)

5) Mommy's Birthday - Mommy turned 29 on July 14!  I joked that 29 was my last official birthday, since I will be 30 next year ;-)  However, the thought of turning 30 at this point doesn't really bother me... I am truly thankful for everything in my life right now and all that God has blessed me with!  I hope to have MANY, MANY more birthdays!!!  Just to think that only last year I was pregnant with Rosie and having morning sickness - ha!  Life has changed so much, but all for the better!  I had to attend a dinner for work on my actual birthday, but celebrated with my family the next night at Garcia's (a mexican restaurant in Frankfort).  I also celebrated this evening with Nick by going to Bonefish in Lexington... it was our first time eating there and we thought it was really good!  Right now, I'm very stuffed and ready for bed... ha, ha!  I had a truly wonderful birthday and got to spend time with the people I love the most... <3 <3 <3

Love looking at my girl!

Rosie gets lots of love! <3

Our sweet little family (minus Ollie!!!)

Well, that should catch everyone up on a few important things that have been going on... stay tuned for more... I am resolving not to be such a delinquent blogger!  Hope everyone enjoys all of the pics! :)


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