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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo!!!

Lions... and tigers... and bears!!! OH MY!!!  Well... not really, but we did see some animals! :P

Labor Day was a very exciting day for the Landers family... it was Rosie's first trip to the zoo!  Nick, Rosie, and I, along with the Kirts family (Jake, Megan and Thatcher) had a GREAT time taking our little ones to the Louisville Zoo for the first time.  Thatcher and Rosie are only about 6 weeks apart (Rosie is 6 weeks older), so hopefully this is only the beginning of their friendship!  We had a great time catching up with Jake and Megan... it was so nice to hang out with another couple with a baby close to Rosie's age.

Rosie and Thatcher were great sports and seemed to really enjoy all of the animals (at least they looked at them!) and people-watching... there was NO crying - can you believe it?!?!  Rosie and Thatcher were ANGELS :)  It was a perfect day... overcast/cloudy and around 65 degrees, so we didn't even have to fuss over keeping the babies covered up or appying sunscreen.  Here are some pics from our FUN trip... Hope you enjoy!!! :)

Rosie is so excited for the zoo that she's fist pumping! ;)

Thatcher + Rosie = BFF's!

Mommy & Rosie

My precious pea <3

Sweet Thatcher loved the elephants!

Lunchtime! :)

Miss Bossy Pants!!! ;)

Daddy love <3

Kirts Family :)

Landers Family (minus Oliver)

On the way back to the car... worn out!

 Notice that there are NO pics of animals... I only got a few because I was so busy taking pics of Rosie & Thatcher.  Oh, well... maybe next time!

Chandra :)

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