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Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's been a WHILE... again!!!! :-(

I have to admit that I'm very disappointed in myself lately for my negligence to this blog!!!!  I started this blog as a way to document my life with Rosie and I have not done her justice lately.  Once again, I am resolving to do better!  She deserves it :)

Many, many things have changed since I last blogged...

1) Rosie is now 7 MONTHS OLD!!!  Yes, that's right... 7 months!!!!  I can't believe it either! :-/ She is growing like a little (chunky!) weed and is getting more beautiful and precious everyday.  Besides her sweet smile, my current favorite feature of hers are her chunky little legs... she is good eater and you can tell! ;-)

All smiles for the camera!

Crawling soon?!?! Aaaugh!!! ;)

Daddy said something REALLY funny!

My sweet girl :)
Evidence of chunky legs... don't you just want to eat her up?! ;)

 2) Rosie is eating food!  Baby food, that is ;)  Currently, some of her faves are bananas, carrots, squash, green beans, and apples.  The only food she hasn't really cared for so far is sweet potatoes.  She's sooo adorable when she eats - she gets very excited and will even fuss at me if I'm not quick enough with the spoon!  She's already developing a demanding personality - uh-oh!!!!

Yummy nanners!!!!

3) Rosie is sitting up all by herself!  She looks like such a BIG girl when she sits on my lap and plays with toys!  She also loves to sit in the floor and play with toys... and her feet, of course ;)  Just another exciting milestone that proves how fast my baby is growing...

Sitting up watching cartoons after her bottle... such a BIG girl!

4) I'm not quite as excited about this new development... Rosie has succombed to cold germs TWICE in the last month!!!! :((((  It has NOT BEEN FUN for any of us, especially her.  Luckily, the worst of the colds have been over within a couple of days, followed by several days of snottiness.  We are so thankful that she has not developed a fever and her appetite has not been affected... it could be MUCH worse!  However, we are tired of colds around here... so GERMS STAY AWAY!!!! :-(

5) Rosie is now officially swaddle-free!!!  This has been a bit of a battle for us because we have been swaddling Rosie for naps and nighttime since she was a newborn!  (Might do things differently the next time around!)  We stopped swaddling her for naps when she was 5 months old and stopped swaddling her at night a couple of weeks ago.  It has gone pretty well, except for a couple of nights when she had one of her colds (which we gave up and just swaddled her to get some sleep!).  She is such a wiggleworm in her sleep and is ALL over her crib... luckily, she's getting old enough that every little movement doesn't wake her up and she's also getting better at putting herself back to sleep when she does wake up.  In leui of a blanket, we bought her a couple of the fleece wearable zip-up blankets.  They have worked well and keep her warm and snuggled up, despite her night acrobatics ;)  We are very proud of our "big" girl!!! :-)

Sleeping angel... no swaddle!

Okay, so I could go on FOREVER about all of Rosie's recent changes, but I will spare everyone the mundane details... I promise to post more often so I don't have to include so much info in one post!!!

And, of course, I need to wish a belated Birthday to my sweet little bubby, Ollie!  He is the best dog ever!  He will always be my first furbaby and is loved SO much <3 <3 <3

Happy 3rd, Birthday, Ollie!!!!  We love you bunches!!! 07-30-2011

Tomorrow will be an exciting day... Rosie's first trip to the zoo!!!! (If the weather cooperates!)  Nick, Rosie and I are planning on joining the Kirts' (Jake, Megan & Thatcher) for a day at the Louisville Zoo.  I'm so excited to see Rosie's reactions to all the animals... she's becoming so interested in everything right now!  I'll be sure to post about our outing :)

That's all for now... :)

Chandra :)

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