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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st Birthdaypalooza!!!!!

This will be Rosie's "official" First Birthday Party post!

My precious Birthday Girl <3

She had such an eventful birthday, that it's actually taken me TWO (long!!!) blog posts to fill everyone in on the festivities!  Geez! ;)  We may just have a family party next year... ;)

Rosie's birthday party was on Sunday, February 5th at 1:00 pm.  It was a typical February Sunday... chilly and kind of dreary.  It also *just happened* to be Super Bowl Sunday... oops!!!  However, the party was over by 4:00, so it shouldn't have cut into anyone's Super Bowl activities.

Rosie's party was held at Mimi & Papaw's house in Georgetown... they have more room than we do and were more than excited to host Rosie's first big party!  They had the house all decked out for her :)  Mimi helped me make food, Auntie Philana made lots of cute decorations and banners (I'll post pics!) and Judy Ramsey made her adorable and yummy cakes.  It was a wonderful day!

"I AM ONE" Bday banner that Auntie P made... SO CUTE!

Yummy (and beautiful) cake

Birthday photo banner, also made by Auntie P!  Hope RG gets her artistic skills!

We had MANY guests at the party, which made it kind of crazy, but it was sooo much fun :)  It was especially cute to watch all the kiddos interact with one another and "help" Rosie open her gifts... they all had a blast!  Some of the "littles" in attendance were: Hayes Davis, Braydon Bartlett, Ella Price, Ellie & Mallory Bevington, Catilin & Clay Gilbert, Karis & Gabriel Nickell,  and Savannah & Brady Faulkner. I must say that my friends have the CUTEST kids ever!!!  And they're also the sweetest :)

Hayes with Mommy

Ella with Mommy

When the guests arrived, we noshed on some food while the kids played.  After eating, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Rosie and she dug into her cake!  She was more interested in the cake this time around, but still didn't get too messy.  I thought she might be afraid since everyone was staring at her... but she loved it!  She's such a little ham and is clearly used to being the center of attention.  Aaaaahhh!!! ;)

"What's this thing on my head???"
"Yum... CAKE!"

After some cake, it was time to open gifts.  Rosie was VERY blessed... so blessed, in fact, that Mommy & Daddy might have to rent a storage unit to store all of her Christmas and birthday loot! ;)  She got several toys... a dollhouse, stuffed animals, singing teapot, and a talking purse, and a new CAR (see below!) just to name a few.  She also got several very cute outfits for this spring... and a bikini!!!  Daddy's not too sure about that one, but I am SO excited for her to wear it :)  She loved opening the gifts and playing with the paper... and she had lots of helpers, too! :)

"Let's open presents, Mommy!"

Lots of cute helpers!

Modeling her tutu!

Rosie stylin' in her new ride!

It was an exhausting, but WONDERFUL, day!!!   Rosie was in such a good mood and everyone had a great time :)  Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate... we are so blessed to have amazing friends and family!  Also, you will get thank you notes from me eventually... I'm just slow these days! ;) 

Here are a few more pics... just in case you didn't see enough... ha! ;)

Mommy, Daddy & Rosie

Rosie with Nick's parents (Nonnie & Buddy)

Rosie with Mimi & Papaw... thanks for letting us use your house! <3
My big girl is ONE! :)

Couldn't resist... ;-)

Love you all!!!!

Chandra :)

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