Look at Our Growing Girl!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YES... We're still alive!!!!!

Once again, I managed to abandon my blog... I'm pretty upset about it; however, those of you reading with mobile babies, full-time jobs, and dirty houses will probably understand... I would love to blog more, but it  seems that something else ALWAYS gets in the way.  Plus, I am a person who requires a good night's sleep, which means that I can't stay up all night catching up on my blog...

I know... EXCUSES.  I'm full of 'em!  Now I feel guilty...

Well, onto more exciting things... if you can believe it, my precious Rosie turns ONE year old tomorrow!!!!  How is that possible?!?!?  Seems like I was just pregnant... seems like we just brought her home... seems like it was just yesterday.  You know, I've been told that this is how babies grow up on us.  It makes me feel a little sick inside how fast she's growing and I just want to remember her so little, so sweet, and so innocent forever.  Thank you, God, for allowing me to be the mother of this precious girl.

Modeling her first birthday outfit and rocking in Mommy's rocking chair
Look at that sweet face <3

Yummy book!

In honor of Rosie's birth, I am taking tomorrow off work (yay!!!!) to spend the whole day with her!  We are going to meet Daddy in Lexington for lunch and do a little bit of shopping ;)  Then we're going to come back home for a few presents and some cake.  We LOVE to celebrate birthdays around here... especially me!  On Sunday, Rosie is having her "official" first birthday party - can't wait to celebrate her with family and friends.

I will do my best to update quickly after Rosie's party and to also catch everyone up on us during the past as few months... there has been a LOT going on and it has been BUSY!!!

As I go to bed tonight, I'm feeling very blessed and my heart is full <3.



  1. You have no reason to feel guilty. You are a great mother who chooses to spend as much time as possible with a precious little angel instead of on the computer blogging. I love reading about little Rosie but I know it is much more important for her to have you there playing with her and getting a good night's sleep so you can keep up with her. Enjoy every second because you are right, they are growing up WAY too fast!! :) Happy Birthday to your sweet gift from God!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a good job... I guess we all just do the best we can. Thank you for the encouragement. The past year has FLOWN by... You'll be getting ready for Alex's birthday before you know it. See you at crochet class on Saturday!!! :-)