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Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Jabber Jaws, a Boo-Boo, & Pink Piggies

Well... as usual, it's been a busy week around here... seems like it never slows down!

Sweet little Rosie has been been RUNNING everywhere!  She doesn't quite slow down enough to walk, just takes a dead sprint to where she wants to go... makes me soooo nervous.  She also makes Ollie a little nervous.  He's not too sure what to think about her new level of mobility!  She loves to run at him and pet him and give him "loves"... he's not too sure about that yet :-/

Rosie has also been talking constantly lately!  She's starting to mimic *everything* we say... so Nick and I had better watch our mouths! ;-)  She loves repeating words and different sounds we make... says "ummm" (yum) while eating and will also say "ouch!".  The past couple of days she's been saying "cookie" a lot, which is what we call animal crackers... and yes, I give her one after she says it.  How could I not?!?!  It's soooo cute!!!!  She's already learning how to manipulate me ;-)  Today, she also said "Papaw" which made my dad's day!!!  Maybe even his week <3  So, she's becoming a little jabber jaws... just like her Mommy!

On a sad note, Rosie got her first official boo-boo last night.  She was playing on the bed with Daddy and bopped her head on the edge of the footboard :(  I heard her cry and picked her up to kiss her boo-boo and saw an ugly little goose egg popping up on her forehead!  Poor baby :(  We held some ice on it for a minute and she was up playing two minutes later... I still felt bad for her, though.  Luckily, it has now faded to a light bruise and she's doing fine.   I know this will probably be the first of MANY boo-boos, but it's so hard to see your baby in pain, even when it's for something small.  I just pray that her injuries are very minimal and not serious in the future.  Here's hoping for no more boo-boo's for a while!

Poor baby! :*(

Lastly, tonight we visited Mimi and Papaw and Rosie got her piggies painted for the first time... aren't they cute?!  It was SO hard to keep her still long enough to just touch them with the nailbrush, so I don't see too much more toe painting in our near future... unless I can do it while she's sleeping! ;-)

Pink little piggies!

That's all for now!

Chandra :)

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  1. Hey Chandra! So nice to see updates about your family. Looks like all is well (except for the boo boo). Isn't blogging fun? I absolutely love it. It's a good way to keep my family and friends updated - especially since I moved away. Take care!