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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Picture Fail :-(

Some of you may be very confused to see even MORE pics added to Rosie's 1st Birthday album on my Facebook page... let me explain!!!!

Rosie's birthday festivities, while SO fun, were also SO, SO, SO crazy!  So crazy, in fact, that I neglected to get a good picture (or really ANY pictures!) of Rosie with her amazing Auntie Philana & Uncle Shane.  How does this happen when one takes hundreds of pictures?!?!  I DO NOT KNOW.  All I know is that I felt so terrible not to have a good picture of the three of them from her birthday party... :(  My good friend, Rebecca, was also helping me photograph (she's fantastic!!!) and the only think I can think of is that Philana and Shane were too busy helping me (and corralling kids and food!) to jump into any of the pics! 

So... being the crazy, obsessed person that I am... I decided to fix it in the best way I knew how... Shane and Philana came over today and I dressed Rosie in her cute birthday onesie (and a bow, of course!) and snapped some pictures of the three of them.  Technically, I know it's not the same, but it makes me feel a little bit better.  There are even some pics of Rosie playing with her super cute dollhouse they gave her!

So sweet! <3
"Hi Auntie P!"

Uncle Shane teaching Rosie bad habits :P
Not sure where this face came from... ha! ;-)

 Rosie has the ***BEST*** auntie and uncle EVER!  We love and appreciate them so much... and now I have some cute pics :)

Chandra :)

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